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Club Night Calendar

NO Table Tennis week starting 15th Nov.




6 - 7 30 and new members welcome (ages 6 to 18 years)

STAY SAFE and adhere to Covid Guidelines

Club Nights Available shown in Red

CLUB NIGHTS ARE TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS from 7 30pm as per calendar above

DunLaoire TTC Club Night Policy


Our aim is for all to come and enjoy their table tennis.


As with any club, we expect all members and visitors to behave reasonably, politely and to use common sense during their time at the club.

We are one of a number of clubs using the premises, and are expected to leave the hall as we would like to find it.

Please help us in this by ensuring to put tables away at the end of the evening and place all rubbish into the bins.


1. Club nights start at 7 30pm and max.12 tables are used. Where matches are also being played in the hall, the availability of tables is reduced.


2. It is club policy to ensure everyone gets a fair nights play. In order to achieve this 4 to 6 tables will be open for singles play.


3. Play will be restricted to 20 minute intervals/rotation when the hall is busy to ensure all get the opportunity to participate.


4. No distinction is made on player standard and elitism will not be condoned

Moving around the playing area. When moving around the hall pay attention to others and wait until a point of play is finished before moving into their playing area (e.g. to retrieve a ball from your own game).


Any accident must be reported to a senior member such as the chairman or secretary who shall immediately make a careful, written record of the event.


White clothing should not be worn. This is a REQUIREMENT for league match play.




Be sure you know the procedure to follow and ASSEMBLY POINT.


On your first visit ask a senior member at the venue to explain the procedure to follow in the event of a fire alarm and identify the assembly point.

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