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Club Membership

Prices for 2022/2023 season

Senior membership
€150 per adult
Student membership
€100 per student
U19 membership
€100 per child
This is payable at the beginning of the season
Casual Play
€5 per night per person

Special rates :
€10 Reduction for any additional family members .


League team players are always needed to assist us in maintaining our long run of successes in the United Churches Table Tennis League.

If you think that you can fit the bill please feel free to get in touch with us before the competition starts in October.

Training takes place in Rockford Manor Girls School on Stradbrook Road on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Enquiries from junior players are also very welcome.

The junior club has been in existence for over 30 years.

Our goal is excellence and our well coached and experienced players have been to the fore in Leinster and Irish tournaments for most of that time.

At least two to three coaches work with both Beginners and Advanced on training nights, and coaches attend tournaments to assist our players in competetion.

Annual subscriptions for the Senior and for the Junior sections are surprisingly reasonable.




1. The club shall be called Dun Laoire Table Tennis Club.


2. The objective of the club is to promote the sport of Table Tennis and encourage participation at all levels. Minimum age at entry shall be seven, there shall be no upper limit.


3. The club shall be totally non-discriminatory.


4. The club shall abide by the children’s code of ethics promoted by the I.T.T.A. Ltd.


5. The club shall abide by the rules and regulations of Table Tennis promoted by the I.T.T.A. Ltd. / I.T.T.F.


6. The club shall be managed by a committee composed of the following: President, Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and three ordinary members. One of whom shall be a qualified children’s officer. This committee shall have full power to transact all the business of the club. Two officers and two members shall form a quorum at all committee meetings. Questions arising at a committee meeting shall be decided by a majority of those present and voting. The chairperson shall have a casting vote in the event of a tie.


7. All officers and committee shall be elected annually at the club AGM and shall assume their duties on the completion of the said AGM. An Honorary Auditor shall also be elected at the AGM.


8. The AGM shall take place each year no later than the month of May.


9. The Hon. Secretary shall maintain a list of members, conduct all correspondence, and keep minutes of the AGM. He/she will also present a report of the club activities at the AGM.


10. The Hon. Treasurer shall keep financial accounts, and shall present a report and copies of the accounts at the AGM. The accounts shall, formerly have been examined and signed by the Hon. Auditor.


11. The club membership subscription shall be decided annually by the members at each AGM.


12. Club subscriptions must be paid before December 31st each year, otherwise membership will be deemed to have lapsed.



13. New applicants for club membership shall complete an application form, which shall be subsequently considered by the committee. The committee shall have the power to accept or reject any such application.


14. All club properties shall remain the property of the members.


15. The rules of the club may not be altered except at an AGM or EGM.

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